• Memphis, TN

Chisca LogoThe Chisca Hotel is currently in full redevelopment. This century-old landmark will be transformed from a hotel into residential units after sitting vacant since the late nineties. Renovation efforts will help the historic building rise again in prominence, and will serve as a key point in downtown Memphis to bridge the livelihood from North to South Main.

Chisca’s History

chisca-hotelThe Chisca Hotel was originally named after the chief of the Chickasaw Indians who had resided in the area. Located in downtown Memphis on South Main Street, the hotel was integrated into a district that thrived during the peak of the railroad era. During this time, the hotel catered to railroad travelers and employees, mule dealers and entertainers. The Chisca later rose to fame when WHBQ radio station had relocated its studios off the lobby on the mezzanine floor. It was from there that DJ Dewey Phillips had debuted Elvis Presley’s first recording of “That’s Alright, Mama” and held an interview with the musician. Presley later performed on-site in 1956.




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